Rami’s out !

I’m bummed.

Not only did Whitney Houston die this morning, but Rami’s out.

It’s a sad week-end indeed.

OK, I have to admit that he didn’t surpass himself with the latest look, but Austin made it ? Come on, Austin twin-set reminded me of the worst outfits of Peyton Place. The series. So I disagree also with the All Stars judges. Figures.

Now I have to rummage Internet in order to find out where I can find Rami’s clothes.

And root for Mondo. After all, he was my second favorite so far.

7 designers still in the running, and I root for one, kinda like another… And that’s pretty much it. Not that I don’t like a piece here or there from time to time, but overall, their designs are heavy, complicated, and sometimes just hideous. Though I have to admit that I would have worn Jerell’s coat and Kenley’s shorty jumpsuit.

Looking forward to the next elimination. If Mondo goes, I throw the sponge. But I doubt it – he seems to be a judges’ favorite also.

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